Top 10 Best Hosting for the United Kingdom in 2020

Top 10 Best Hosting for the United Kingdom in 2020

Hey! Are you in the United Kingdom and planning to launch a website? Have you found your ideal web hosting? If not, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are presenting you with the best web hosting sites in the UK.

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting?

Whether you are making a website for your UK’s client or want a website of your own, you have to consider several factors when selecting a web hosting that are:

• The latency of the server
• Uptime
• Attributes of the hosting
• Customer Support

The latency of the Server

Latency means the time in which the server receives and processes your request. It greatly depends on how far the server is located from the user. So there will always be less loading time for a website whose hosting servers are near. You will need your website to load as quickly as possible as you won’t want to lose any of your visitors that can be your potential clients in the future. If you are running a UK based website then your priority should be the best web hosting in the UK. Some US-based servers deliver the same loading speed as local servers due but will you risk your annual budget just to test it?


Uptime means how many times your website is accessible when a visitor lands on it. Downtime will cost you lose your customers. Some of them might even think that your website has been closed
permanently and will never come to it again.
You have to choose the best UK-based web hosting which delivers nearly 99.9% uptime for your website.

Attributes of the hosting

Different hosting services offer a variety of attributes and features. Some of them may lack providing basic features. You have to select a UK-based web hosting who provides all the necessary features to make your website and run it smoothly. Some of the features include Cloud Hosting, One-click installation, Free domain, etc.

Customer Support

Last on the list, but very important. Customer support is the face of any web hosting service through which you can access it. If you are a beginner then it is recommended to choose a web hosting in the UK that has 24/7 responsive support so that you will not need to wait for a callback or reply to the support ticket. You can solve your problems right away if the support answers your queries quickly. There is another way through which you can learn to fix your website’s problems that are reading “Documentation” that is provided to you by the web hosting service. You will find most of your answers on it.

Best Web Hosting Sites in the UK

Let’s review these Top 10 services in the UK and find which is the best web hosting in the UK.

1. SiteGround
2. eUKhost
3. WPX Hosting
4. A2 hosting
5. Hostinger
6. Bluehost
7. Heart Internet
8. tsoHost
9. Inmotion Hosting
10. Dreamhost

SiteGround - Best Web Hosting in the UK


We would recommend SiteGround as your web hosting if you are in the United Kingdom. They have the best possible plans that any web hosting service can offer. Their servers are powerful and located right
in the heart of the UK i.e. London which makes it ideal for the UK audience. Their average response time is less than 10 minutes which is exceptionally good for an international web hosting service. They give you 30 days money-back guarantee to assure you about their services.
Most importantly, WordPress (the biggest cms platform) recommends them to its users. So it arguably the best web hosting in the UK for WordPress. SiteGround provides you wonderful features including
automatic backups, SSL certificates and uncompromised security for your websites. You would be surprised to see the loadings speeds provided by their super-fast servers. They have their custom plugin,
SuperCacher, which optimizes your website to further improve its loading speed.

Notable Features

• Free SSL Certificates
• Servers located in London
• Friendly Technical Support
• User-friendly Interface
• Foolproof Security Provided


eUKhost best web hosting in uk

They have reputed web hosting services in the UK for a long time. Either you are a Linux user or give Windows a priority, you will find a plan suitable for you on eUKhost. They have the best available
packages for your WordPress site too. You will never run a slow website after hiring their services in the UK and they have their data centers in four different locations in the country. They will offer you a free domain and backup with their every plan. You can reach out to their support anytime through different channels like support ticket system, call, and email. You can also connect to them via a live chat feature. They will provide you unbelievable upload and download speeds locally that hardly any web hosting can provide in England and nearby countries. It is the best UK web hosting for small business.

Notable Features

• Windows Hosting
• cPanel
• VPS Hosting
• Free Domain Name
• WordPress Hosting

WPX Hosting


Founded in 2018, It is a unique web hosting service that is seo-friendly. Their servers run on clean wind energy. Although they have their servers located in the US, they still provide competitive loadings
speeds along with local hosting providers. They offer the most affordable plans for their customers in the United Kingdom. They offer several useful features that will help you run your website with ease. They provide thousands of templates for their valuable customers. Some of the other features are many Email addresses, Free Domain Transfer, SSL certificates, Cloud Hosting and much more.

Notable Features

• 24/7 Customer Support
• 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
• Drag and Drop Feature for Websites
• WordPress Hosting



A2Hosting needs no introduction. They are the biggest competitors of SiteGround in the UK. They have servers all around the world and provide lightning-fast speed to most of the countries. Their hosting works great for many CMS platforms and WordPress sites also do well in their hosting servers. Right now, A2hosting is offering 3 hosting plans out of which their basic plan is the most affordable on
even for the beginners. They will thoroughly guide and help you in setting up your website on their hosting servers and are always available through their online live chat. You can verify their customer
service by reading the reviews of their regular clients. No other web hosting comes near to A2Hosting when we talk about loading speeds as they provide 20 times faster speeds than their competitors because they allocate a very definite number of users per server.

Notable Features

• Unlimited Storage
• Site Migration for Free
• Money-Back Guarantee Anytime
• Datacentres all around the world
• Nice and Friendly Support



The company started its business in 2004 in Lithuania. Initially, their name was Hosting Media which later changed to Hostinger. Hostinger servers are located in 4 different countries including Singapore, UK, USA, and the Netherlands. Due to their brilliant and unmatchable services, they have climbed up in the list of best web hosting sites in the UK. They have three different plans. Each of these is suitable for different categories that are Single, Premium and Business Plan. They are one of the cheapest hosting providers in the UK for a single web hosting. There are different mediums through which you can solve your problems related to their web hosting that are Tutorials, Knowledgebase, Live chat, Support tickets and Priority Support which is a Paid option.
They do not have a phone call support team yet but you will be able to fix your problems through other contact options.

Notable Features

• 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
• 24/7 Support
• Ultra-Fast Loading Speed
• Almost 100% Uptime
• Cheap and Affordable Plans
• UK-based servers


Bluehost-Cheapest -Web-Hosting-Plans

Bluehost is the best hosting for big brands that have international appeal. They claim 99.9% uptime for their clients’ websites which is perfect. The company does not have their servers in the UK that might be a problem for small businesses that have local target audience but we would recommend it if you are a big brand in the UK and outside of it too. In present, their customers are very satisfied with the technical support they offer and call it quite helpful and friendly. You can access their support team through fax, live chat, emails, and ticket system.
They also host a weekly webinar to educate their clients about advanced hosting technologies.

Notable Features

• Offers Huge Disk Storage
• Free SSL Certificates with Every Plan
• WordPress Hosting
• Provides one on one Virtual Training Sessions

Heart Internet


Heart Internet offers competitive features and prices in their plans for the people of the United Kingdom. Several hosting services are provided by Heart internet including Shared web hosting, cloud
web hostingVPS hostingReseller hosting, and WordPress hosting of course. There are various support options through which you can reach out to them. They have an in-house support team which is always better than the outsourced support. They will answer your questions through phone calls and support tickets. You can also solve your common hosting problems by reading different articles provided by them on their support page. They constantly upgrade their server technologies so that you do not get behind in the race of loading
speeds and uptime. Your website will serve the high traffic easily with its cloud-based hosting plans.

Notable Features

• Sponsors different events and conferences
• Best hosting for static HTML websites.
• UK based servers
• 24/7 support



tsoHost has been serving the web hosting industry for more than 14 years and is now among the most experienced web hosting services in the world. They have more than 250,000 happy customers under
their banner. They offer one-click installation, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting and much more. Thanks to their dedicated support, you will get an uptime of less than 99.9%. Their support is very active and responds to your queries quickly through phone calls, support tickets,
and live chat.

Notable Features

• 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
• Cloud Web Hosting
• cPanel
• Servers in London.

Inmotion Hosting


Inmotion hosting is one of the most renowned web hosting companies in the world. We had to add this to the list for the best web hosting. They have around 300,000 domain registrations from all over the world. They have been in business since 2001.
The pricing structure might not be suitable for the beginners but it is ideal for the experts and professionals due to the features they offer with it. They offer 10 GB of storage back up the maximum for the hosted websites.

Notable Features

• Free Data Backups
• The average loading time of 855ms.
• Excellent Customer Support
• 99.95% uptime
• 30 Days Money Back Guarantee



Dreamhost is a reputed and experienced web hosting service in the UK that professionally maintained its quality standards with competitive prices in the modern world. Although their servers are located in the USA still they are very much reliable in terms of their provided uptime and fast server speeds in the UK. They do offer a 97-day money-back guarantee with their 3 years pre-paid plan which is more than nice. Dreamhost will keep your data secure and will keep it private with their free SSL privacy. They offer friendly support for any technical issues related to website hosting through various channels such as phone calls, support tickets, email, and live chat.

Notable Features

• Free Domain Name Registration
• Free whois Privacy
• WordPress Hosting
• VPS Hosting
Dedicated Servers

Final Verdict

There are several choices for you to select the best UK web hosting service. How will you choose the best one for your website? The answer is simple. Just focus and analyze your website and its target
audience. For example, the best UK web hosting for WordPress is the SiteGround without any doubts. If you own a big brand that Dreamhost or Bluehost will work for you but if you are a startup website owner then Hostinger and eUKhost is what you require.
Good Luck in hiring your best hosting service provider in the UK! We have done our work. Now it’s your time to do!

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