Best Cloud VPS Hosting – In-depth guide

Best Cloud VPS Hosting – In-depth guide

Cloud hosting is the hot sweetheart in the web hosting space at the present time.

This hosting classification has been around for some time, however as of late has truly begun to pick up footing, even among small organizations.

Cloud hosting which spreads your site over numerous servers is the most one of a kind of all hosting sorts.

It gives you a chance to do numerous things that you couldn’t do with the standard shared, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated, or WordPress hosting alternatives.

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What is Cloud Hosting?

 Traditional type hosting sees your site influence the intensity of one specific server’s CPU, RAM, storage, and data transfer.

For instance, shared web hosting has your site share assets with different sites that are likewise hosted solely on one server.

The outcome is many irritating restrictions as far as power, and the powerlessness to deal with sharp traffic floods.

For the best service, you can pay for a virtual private server or even a dedicated server. In all these cases, you’re fundamentally depending on one server, and that is it.

Cloud facilitating, nonetheless, kicks that single server hosting model to the control in a grand way.

With cloud hosting, your website draws data from numerous servers.

Cloud hosting utilization of numerous servers gives it certain points of interest over traditional facilitating.

For instance, if your site encounters an abrupt traffic spike, it can dismantle resources from another server to anticipate moderate page burdens or, more terrible, the site going down.

What’s more, cloud hosting makes it inconceivably basic for you to scale assets up or down, as required.

Cloud Hosting Features

Many cloud web hosts offer boundless month to month information transfer, so different variables may enable you to choose which service is best for your business.

So, in case no doubt about it “boundless” anything, regardless of if it’s information or storage, make sure to peruse the little print to ensure that there aren’t any shocks.

As such, ensure your meaning of boundless matches the hosting service definition. They can be two altogether different things.

Discussing storage, we’ve found that cloud host has regularly offered hard drives or solid-state drives that range somewhere in the range of 100GB and 200GB in size.

All things considered, you’ll every so often find a web host that flaunts unlimited capacity.

Solid-state drives are ordinarily quicker than their hard-drive-based partners yet are normally littler regarding storage limit.

In case you’re searching for sheer volume, a traditional hard drive is the best approach.

 With regard to the server operating system, Linux is commonly the default alternative.

All things considered, a few services offer Windows hosting, as well.

In the event that you have server-side applications that require Windows, for example, SQL Server or a custom application written in .NET, at that point you have to ensure your web host has Windows hosting.

 Security is of the most extreme significance, as well.

In the event that you will likely sell items or services, you have to investigate Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Those innovations encrypt the information that movement’s between a client’s PC and your organization’s servers to protect the data from hackers.


Uptime is important.

In every one of our audits, we dedicate a whole segment to uptime, it’s so significant.

Basically, if your site is down, customers or clients will be not able to discover your business or access your items or services.

They may discover what they’re searching for somewhere else and stay away forever.

At any rate, customers will be irritated, and it won’t help their picture of your business. Nor is a decent result.

Best Cloud Web Hosting

1. SiteGround - Cloud Hosting Review



  1. Stunning assistance and support

  2. 99.98% uptime


  1. Costly estimating plans

  2. No root access

 Final words:

It’s straight-up, to the point, and you realize what you’re getting – incredible uptime, free SSL security, and a liberal unconditional promise.

Its highlights are additionally more than equipped for carrying out the responsibility for 99% of individuals.

You’re taking a gander at up to 10GB of RAM, 8 CPU cores, 5TB of data transfer capacity, 120GB of extra storage, and free site backups.

One noteworthy hiccup is the eye-watering cost, however – with no arrangement coming less expensive than $80, it’s not the stage for sites on a strict spending plan.

Be that as it may, SiteGround is about you, the client. It offers splendid telephone support just as a day in and day out live talk, a ticket framework, and an inconceivably natural assistance focus.

You’ll discover accommodating guidance around each corner with SiteGround.

2. Dreamhost - Cloud Hosting Review



  1. Cloud hosting starts from just $ 4.50.

  2. Unmetered transmission capacity.


  1. No live chat or telephone support.

  2. Limit of 100GB of capacity.

 Final Words

Dreamhost is surely a decent decision for any individual who adores a bargain.

Not just that, the highlights you’re getting are extraordinary as well.

On the whole, the awful stuff; no free domain, no live support, and telephone support, and no money-back promise.

In the event that you can look past that, you do gain admittance to unmetered data transfer capacity, up to 16GB of RAM, 4 CPU cores, and a free SSL security endorsement.

3. Hostgator - Cloud Hosting Review



  1. 99.99% uptime

  2. Unmetered storage room


  1. No root access

  2. No free domain and site backups

 Final words

HostGator came top of our general hosting rankings with a monstrous score of 92%.

Albeit better known for its dedicated hosting bundles.

HostGator’s 99.99% uptime conveys over each sort of hosting it offers.

It just has three cloud hosting plans, all of which sit somewhere in the range of $4.95 and $9.95/month.

As a result of the low costs, however, your resources are fairly constrained.

There’s no free domain, no backups, and no root access. You do get an unmetered storage space, however, just as boundless email accounts.

4. Bluehost -  VPS Hosting Review

Bluehost- VPS-Hosting-Reivew


  1.     Premium hardware fuelled by OpenStack and KVM

  2.     Moment provisioning and ensured resources

  3.     Alternatives for 2-4 CPU cores and up to 8GB of RAM

  4.     Rapidly manage and scale resources.

  5.     Dedicated IP and privacy of domain is accessible



Final Words

Bluehost is one of the biggest web hosting organizations on the planet, driving more than 2 million sites around the world.

Since 2005, they’ve been associated with the WordPress people group.

On the whole, the awful stuff; no free domain, no live support, and telephone support, and no money-back promise.

They’re additionally a formally suggested hosting supplier by

5. A2 - Cloud Hosting Review



  1. Money back promise

  2. Scored highest among all suppliers


  1. SSL cost extra

  2. Just 99.95% uptime

 Final words:

Considering, there’s no better cloud hosting service available today than A2 Hosting.

It’s not very costly, with plans beginning at $5 every month; while the uptime isn’t the best at 99.95%, you do get an abundance of astounding features.

These highlights incorporate up to 250GB of capacity, 12 CPU cores, and 32GB of RAM.

Gracious, and you can host a boundless number of websites – something you which other cloud hosting suppliers don’t offer.

Paying for an SSL declaration as an extra is a touch of irritating – as isn’t getting a free domain – yet at a beginning cost of $5, you can’t turn out badly.

6. InMotion Cloud Hosting Review



  1. Unmetered CPU cores

  2. Up to 260GB of storage capacity


  1. Max of 8GB of RAM

  2. Restricted bandwidth

 Final words

InMotion is prestigious for its shared and VPS hosting plans, which are broadly viewed as the best around.

In any case, with regards to cloud hosting, InMotion likewise stands its ground with the absolute best.

Free domains and site backups, boundless email accounts and sites, unmetered CPU cores, and root access are only a portion of the highlights you can anticipate.

Doing the math, you get up to 8GB of RAM, 86TB of data transmission, and 260GB of storage capacity.

The assistance on offer is likewise entirely, well, supportive.

7. Hostwinds Cloud Hosting Review




  1.     Great uptime in testing.

  2.     Excellent dedicated, reseller, and VPS hosting plans.

  3.     Good customer support. Minecraft server.


Not a window server option.

 Final words:

Hostwinds is a magnificent web hosting that has the tools you requires for functional sites. It’s a top overall, and VPS and reseller hosting plans are especially solid.

8. Liquid Cloud Hosting Review



  1.     Fantastic dedicated, VPS, cloud, and reseller bundles.

  2.     Customized VPS plans.

  3.     Top of the line specs.

  4.     Marvelous client assistance and uptime in testing.

  5.     Cons: Lacks shared hosting plans.



Final words:

Liquid Web is costly and needs shared Web hosting, yet it’s adaptable, includes packed online host with remarkable client support.

9. DigitalOcean Cloud Review


The byline of Digital Ocean is basically with the goal that you can invest more energy leading business and less time stressing over the performance of your web host.

People and organizations the same will acknowledge Digital Ocean’s easy to understand performance and fast execution scaled more than a few distinctive hosting choices.

 Digital Ocean pays attention to its clients’ security very and confines its specialized staff from getting to anything besides the most basic frameworks.

For your site, they offer programmed backups that are kept verified on Digital Ocean’s private servers.

 This hosting service offers amazing, fast download and uptimes, simple to explore control panel, and scaled valuing that depends on use and has a most extreme spending top so that on the off chance that you arrive at your farthest point, you won’t be cheated for information utilized.

 Advanced Ocean plans give anyplace between 512 MB to 8 GB RAM, and capacity extends somewhere in the range of 20 and 80 GB. Notwithstanding their all day, every day client support,


Cloud hosting is a cutting edge, solid type of hosting – it’s no big surprise you’re keen on it!

From our exploration, these above are five champion cloud hosting suppliers. Each brings something somewhat unique to the table, so it’s imperative to realize what you’re searching for.

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